As a parent of a young adult suffering with addiction, it meant the world to me to be received with love and validation by everyone at Shining Light. Peer support is the number one meaningful tool I have in my arenal now. By sharing lived experiences with us, Shining Light has helped us in two ways. We now understand the purpose behind setting boundaries as well as how to continue to love our child as we navigate addiction as a family. Diane has gently counseled myself and my husband around the subject of enabling and boundaries, which has taught my husband and I to work as a team and not keep secrets anymore. By establishing firm boundaries, I feel that I’m now helping my child towards recovery rather than helping them stay in active addiction. I will be forever grateful to Shining Light for their ferocious fight for my family’s health and well-being.


Diane has built a loving and effective program. Lived experience is at the core of Shining Life Peer Services. This program can save your life or that of a loved one.

Barbra Luce

Shining Light has changed my life in such a positive way with the help of God. My peer specialist Diane, picked me up, dusted me off, and with love sent me in a whole new direction from the destructive path I was on. I am so appreciative of this organization and what it has done to guide me in the right direction. A direction pointed toward God’s love and grace. Thank you for all you’ve done to save my life and allow my children to have their mother back, my parents to have their daughter back, and my sisters to have their sister back. I pray this program grows more and more each day to help as many hurt people as it can.